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We have collated answers to some frequently asked questions here.

Who has access to my health records

Only the doctors at our practice will have access to your records. We recommend that you share any results or reports with your regular GP, and we are happy to share it with them with your permission, however we respect and maintain your confidentiality. We store your records securely with multiple levels of security to prevent unauthorised access.

Will I have to pay for any prescriptions I am given?

We will not charge you any additional fees for providing a private prescription. You will have to pay the pharmacy for any medications that you are prescribed. We will be able to give you a rough indication of the cost of the medications, however each pharmacy sets their own charges for dispensing private prescriptions.

Will you prescribe a specific medication that I would like?

We will prescribe any relevant medication based on clinical need. In some cases you will not need any medication prescribed. If your doctor feels that you need a certain type of medication, you can indicate a preferred brand, but the decision to prescribe lies with your doctor.

Will I be able to see the same doctor each time?

Wherever possible we will book you to see the same doctor each time. If your doctor is on holiday, we will offer you an appointment with another member of our team if you are unable to wait to see your usual doctor.

What if I need additional tests?

We are able to take blood tests, test urine samples and perform heart tracings (ECG) if required at your appointment. In some cases if you require additional tests such as an X-Ray or scan we can arrange this at a private hospital.

What if I need a referral?

We have links with a range consultants for different specialties. We can arrange a private referral for you if required.