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Opening Hours : Appointments available 7 days a week until 10pm
Contact : 0121 340 0181

Dental Implants

GP Consultations

A confidential 20 minute consultation to address any of your health concerns. Where necessary, we can provide a private prescription, arrange blood tests, diagnostic imaging, treatment or a referral to a private specialist.

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Blood Bank

Travel Health

We offer a comprehensive travel health service. We can advise you on the necessary vaccines or medications for your trip, as well as providing a precription and where necessary certificates of immunisation.

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Medicine Research

Weight Management

Our weight management services starts with a detailed analysis of your current weight, and the impact it may be having on your health. We aim to help you make sustainable changes to maintain a healthy weight and reduce your cardiovascular risks.

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Pharmaceutical Advice

Health Assessments

We offer comprehensive health assessment packages - these include history, physcial examinations, blood testing and a variety of further tests where needed.

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Medical Counseling

Sexual Health

We offer a confidential sexual health screening service, as well as assessment and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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